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What To Expect At 8 Weeks

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you are near the end of your pregnancy’s second month. Moreover, though you may not be showing up yet, you may start feeling being pregnant. Moreover, you may also have your first prenatal appointment with the doctor. In fact, the doctor would like to go for an ultrasound to determine the course of your pregnancy.

What are the other symptoms you will feel when you are 8 weeks pregnant? What can you expect your baby to do new while he is still inside you? Here are the answers to these wonderful pregnancy questions.

Guide To Being 8 Weeks Pregnant
Guide To Being 8 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, your baby becomes as big as a raspberry and measures about 0.63 inches and weighs .04 ounces. Moreover, your baby is growing a millimeter every day. In addition, you are 2 months pregnant when you reach 8 weeks.

Changes In Body

Your hormones start doing some wild things when you are 8 weeks pregnant. Moreover, you acquire a superhuman sense of smell and will also do your stomach do some flip flops. In fact, anything and everything around you smells. Here are some common symptoms which become more prominent when you are 8 weeks pregnant.

Increased Fatigue

As your hormones fluctuate when you are 8 weeks pregnant, your body starts producing more blood for your baby. Moreover, blood sugar and blood pressure gets lower than it was pre pregnancy. Well, this makes more pressure on your body and you start feeling more fatigue. What is the solution? Get some sleep but some of you may face some difficulty while trying to sleep.

Morning Sickness

Nausea could become really strong when you become 8 weeks pregnant. Again, this is related to pregnancy hormones. Thus, it is advisable to drink lots of liquid and remain hydrated. Moreover, eat lots of healthy snacks and food items. However, after taking so many precautions also, some moms to be still experience morning sickness. Acupressure wristbands can also help in reducing morning sickness.

Sore Breasts

When you become 8 weeks of pregnant, your breasts may become a little heavier, bigger, and even sore. The reason is that lobules which are milk producing in your breasts will start expanding. This means that you are getting prepared for breastfeeding.


When you get 8 weeks pregnant, you may find yourself getting constipated more and more. However, to deal with this situation, you need to drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables which are rich in fibers, and go on walks. However, if you still face the problem, you should visit your doctor and seek some remedy.

Pregnancy Cramps

Cramping becomes a normal process when you are 8 weeks pregnant. The reason is that since the ligaments in abdomen get stretched, your uterus expands and this causes cramping. However, if cramping increases, or becomes severe, it is advisable to visit your doctor.


If you are 8 weeks pregnant, it can be alarming to see spotting as in some cases it can also be a sign of miscarriage. However, spotting can also be due to sex during pregnancy or any other cause which may not be too harmful.

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