What Should A New Born Baby Care Kit Contain

Newborn Baby Care Kit

Meta Description: A new born baby care kit should have a few essential items. Here is the list.

As a new parent, you might be wondering what to stock in a new born baby care kit. There are a lot of newborn baby essentials you must have before your baby arrives in this world. Once with you, you will have no time to keep rushing to the market. To keep you all stocked and prepared, here we have some newborn baby essentials that you should buy.

Newborn Baby Care Kit Essentials

Here are some products you must put in a new born baby care kit.

Soap, Shampoos and Lotions

This includes a set consisting of baby shampoo, baby wash, baby oil, and baby lotion. Pick a set that includes these bottles of a good baby brand. Parents are often skeptical about experimenting with different baby products. So, it is wise to select a brand that is nothing short of the best.

Talcum Powder, Comb, Brush, Body Lotion, etc

This includes products like talc, hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, and certain other items. A baby toothbrush is a specially made tool that can clean the baby’s gums. These are made of very soft bristles and will not hurt their tender mouths.

Baby Clothes

There are several options for choosing the right dress set for a baby boy. You can buy rompers with a matching t-shirt, cap, shoes or socks. You also get sets of 3 to 5 t-shirts. You get complete clothes sets with shorts, pants, caps, t-shirts, rompers, etc. Selecting clothes sets depends upon your budgets and the season you are currently going to have the baby. For example, if it is very cold in your place, you need to stock on a lot of woolens consisting of jackets, sweaters, beanie caps, hooded t-shirts, etc.

Baby Shoes

Even if the baby will take months to begin walking, parents love to dress them up in baby shoes to complete their look. For a newborn baby, socks are very important to keep them warm. Moreover, they also tend to dirty them often. You can never have enough baby socks and hence a set of 6 pairs or more would be ideal.

Baby Rattles and Other Toys

These include rattles and teethers of various kinds and shapes. Ensure that you pick a good brand that uses high-quality, baby-safe materials for the construction of such rattles.


You also need to stock up on a lot of diapers. You might be needing 7 to 10 diapers in a day sometimes. But it is better to buy diapers once your baby is born, as you will have a better idea about the size. Although, most newborn baby diapers are same, but sometimes, you need extra small ones if your baby is really tiny.


You will need bundles of these. Get different kinds of baby wipes, cloth napkins, tissues or such others, as you will always have to keep them handy for pukes, throw-ups, drools, etc.

These are some of the new born baby essentials you must have before you leave for the hospital for your delivery. Even when you go to the hospital, it is advisable to pack a baby bag with these essential items. If you are well-prepared before, you will have much relief and comfort later.

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