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What Are Good Pregnancy Tips

Good Pregnancy Tips:


The term refers to the stage of a woman’s life when a new life grows inside her. More or less, a child’s birth takes forty weeks from the last menstrual date. Initially, it is an embryo that develops inside the womb for the first eight weeks, and then later we call it as a fetus till the baby is born. Here we will study some good pregnancy tips to give birth to a lovely offspring.

During this average nine months, we should be very much careful, when it comes to the mother and her child developing inside her. The proper care of both the mother and the child will ensure a healthy future for both of them. If you are pregnant or dreaming for a beautiful angel to enlightened, your lap, then you must be concern about a few tips. These few tips can lead the path towards beautiful motherhood. Let us now study some tips during pregnancy.

Good Tips For Pregnancy

Nutrition Intake-

A fetus grows up through the proper nutrient that the mother provides while eating. Nutrition during pregnancy is not similar to the regular diet. Intake of folic acid-enriched food is suitable during pregnancy. Folic acid or Folate is adequate in green vegetable citrus fruits, in the US and Canada this Folate is abundant in wheat products like noodles or flour.

 During the time of pregnancy, a woman must intake DHA Omega 3 enriched food. A new embryo or fetus cannot build DHA initially, so they get organic fatty acid through the mother’s placenta and from the breast milk after birth. Studies have shown us that maximum women in middle-class society lack the proper amount of iron, calcium, and folic acid. So it is essential to build up an adequate amount of these micro-nutrients during pregnancy. A regular intake of iron and calcium supplementations reduces the fear of anemia and bone diseases.

What Are Good Pregnancy Tips
What Are Good Pregnancy Tips

Gaining Weight

Weight gaining is vital during pregnancy. According to the Institute of Medicine, an overall weight gain of11 to 15 kgs for a normal body weight woman is essential. Women those who have BMI less than 18.5 must gain weight by 12 kgs to 18 kgs. Whereas those who are overweight can gain up to 6 to 11 kgs. The proper maintenance of the diet is essential during pregnancy. We4 should also keep in mind that overweight during pregnancy is also alarming as it can cause complications like a cesarean section, pre-eclampsia, gestational hypertension, and more.

Regular Habit

Regular habits like smoking and intaking alcohol are detrimental to the fetus. Tobacco smoking during pregnancy can cause neurological and behavioral and any other physical difficulties in the fetus. So we should avoid these types of recreational drugs during pregnancy.


According to The Clinical Practice Obstetrics Committee of Canada, all women during pregnancy should participate in aerobics to stay active during this time. They must include the instructor’s list before performing any exercise. It is hard to deliver a long-time activity during this time. A thirty-minute of aerobics is excellent, providing a prior checking of vaginal bleeding, dizziness, headache, chest pain, amniotic fluid leakage, and more. An evening walk in a straight road is also practical during pregnancy.

What Are Good Pregnancy Tips
What Are Good Pregnancy Tips


Pregnancy period is very crucial for a women’s life. She carries two lives at the same time. O it by following these few tips along with the suggested tips from the doctor we can easily enjoy this time of motherhood. If a mother during pregnancy stays healthy with proper care and intake suitable medicines or healthy nutrients, then the offspring will also be born healthy and bright.

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