Taking Care Of Your Body Before And After Giving Birth

Condition Of The Body Before And After Baby Birth

Baby birth is both a happy and challenging moment mainly because of the complications that occur.  But, the thing is that the body of a woman is designed in a way to give birth. Powerful muscles, hormones, and the pelvis, all work in close combination to help women bring their infants into this world. There are some major changes that take place in the body of a woman both before and after the birth of a baby.

Condition Of The Body Before And After Baby Birth
Condition Of The Body Before And After Baby Birth

The Body’s Preparation For Labor

There are different ways in which a woman’s body prepares for labor. This preparation is both for the mother and the baby.


During the days or weeks before having proper contractions, women experience contractions called Brixton Hicks. This is where the uterus tightens and relaxes. The contractions are not painful. They help the uterus and the cervix in getting prepared for labor. These contractions can become a regular phenomenon as a woman draws closer to delivering the baby. However, they are not the same as labor contractions. These contractions do not result in bringing about changes in the shape of the cervix. They are therefore called false labor.

Cervical Changes

With labor fast approaching, the cervix softens. It becomes thinner which means it is preparing itself for widening or dilation that will make it easier for the baby to make entry into the vagina. A woman might also witness a pinkish discharge of mucus which is stained with fresh blood. The baby moves further down towards the pelvis with the head sitting on the cervix. So, now a pregnant woman is all prepared to deliver the baby.

Water Breaking Or Membrane Rupture

There is a sac that contains the baby. This sac is filled with amniotic acid and it breaks just before labor. At this stage, pregnant women experience contractions and fluid from the sac gushes out. The whole procedure takes place because of the rupture of membranes or water breaking. This is the time when you must get in touch with your doctor.

Condition Of The Body Before And After Baby Birth
Condition Of The Body Before And After Baby Birth

A Woman’s Body After Giving Birth

It is quite natural to have your focus on the birth of your baby while being pregnant. However, at the same time, it is also important for you to know about the changes that you will experience after delivering. You will feel relived but at the same time you will have this craving to hold your baby into your arms. Once the cord has been clamped, your infant is dried and covered. This is when you will get to cuddle your little wonder of joy. Your baby will be given a vitamin K injection. This is for preventing a bleeding disorder known as hemorrhagic disease. There are some stitches that you might require for cuts and tears. Nevertheless, small grazes and tears are generally left without any stitches. This is because they tend to heal faster when left this way.

All in all, the entire baby birth procedure is a pleasant one only to find yourself with your bundle of joy right in your arms.

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