Real Child Birth Videos That Will Make Your Heart Swell

real child birth vedio

Childbirth is one of the best times in the life of men and women. It is the time when two people bring a part of themselves into the world. The time brings so many memories and so much happiness along. With the advancement of technology, these memories can now be captured so that people can watch them later and remember them with fondness. There is so much happiness and love involved in these photos and videos. Real childbirth videos give an uncensored view of what goes on during the birth of a child. 

This is beyond any science and technology as these videos depict real emotions of people who are having a child. There are many amazing videos that you will find on the internet and all of them are awesome. If you are looking for some amazing real child birth videos then we have a list of videos that you will really like. These cute real child birth videos will make you smile and cry at the same time and they will bring out so many emotions from within you. 

Unmedicated Childbirth Video

Child Birth

In this video, you will see a woman delivering a child without the use of an epidural. This in itself is a feat because the pain is unbearable and most women demand an epidural at this time. You will see the strength of a mother in the video and how she bears the pain like a champion to bring her child into the world. The video is one of its kind and igt follows the journey of the mother from her home to the hospital. You will also see and hear the doctor telling the mother to ease up and relax while pushing so that no tearing takes place. At the end of the video, the doctor also explains the decision of the mother and the medical aspects of this so you must check this one out!

Forceps Assisted Birth

Child Birth

Forceps are a medical instrument that help in childbirth in case the child is not moving while pushing. This video shows the struggle of a mother who is having problems in dilating. The forceps are used to guide the baby and eventually the baby is delivered safely. There are many heart wrenching movements in this video and you must watch it to see what forceps are and how they are used.

Home Birth Video

There are many mothers who are opting for home based birthing. This helps the moms to stay in a familiar environment and deliver their child in the comfort of their home. If you are considering a home water birth, then this video outlines all the advantages and disadvantages of the same. So it is good for anyone who is planning to give birth in a pool or a tub at home. 


These are the real childbirth videos that will make you happy and you will smile at the adorable babies in these videos. You can opt for home birth or birth in the hospital according to your own preferences. These videos are great for moms who are ready to give birth as they will see what experiences they can have and how to tackle them with ease. 

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