Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester - Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester -

Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester

Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester

The sensation of a living being growing inside your body is something which is beyond words. The essence of pregnancy and the upcoming days brings joys to a family. Throughout this whole beautiful journey, the mother experiences different sorts of mood, sometimes too good while the remaining sad and the rest too angry. But this does not make the mother tired at all, but just the opposite.

The mother, along with the whole family waits for around 9- 10 months. The long duration of pregnancy divides into three trimesters. Trimester is generally 39 – 42 weeks divided into three sections. The first trimester which ranges around week 1 to week 12? From the 13th week, the second trimester begins. It lasts until 28 weeks. And from the 29the the third-trimester begins which ends with the birth of the baby. Here we are going to discuss pregnancy week by week in details and clear any doubt. Let’s have a look at the details for now:

1. Pregnancy Week By Week; First Trimester(1 week -12 week):

Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester
Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester

During this period of the first trimester, a women’s body experiences several changes. Due to a rush in hormonal changes all through the body, every organ of the body experiences changes. These changes can put an impact even in the first week of the pregnancy. 

Symptoms Of Being Pregnant:

1. Stopped periods.

2. Feeling exhausted.

3. Swollen along with tender breast. One might also notice their nipples to stick out. 

4. Mothers might feel stomach upset

5. One might start craving for food, or one might distaste any lovable food.

6. One feels also face troubled bowel movements.

7. Urination increases.

8. One might either gain or lose weight.

9. Others might suffer heartburn along with headache.

With these changes in your body, one might think of changing their lifestyle. The above mentions symptoms and discomfort disappear as soon as the pregnancy proceeds. Some women are lucky enough that they might not feel pain at all.

2. Pregnancy Week By Week; The Second Trimester (13 Weeks – 28 Week):

Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester
Pregnancy Week By Week: Trimester

The experience of the second trimester is a lot easier compared to first. Since life is growing inside your body, many visible physical changes will take place. 

1. One might start experiencing body aches, such as thigh pain, abdomen pain, backache, etc.

2.  One might also notice darkening of the skin around the nipple.

3. Noticeable changes such as stretch marks appearing near the buttocks, over the breasts, abdomen, thighs.

4. Another noticeable shift the mother notices that a line drawn from the belly button to the pubic area.  

5. Mother also feel numb fingers and hand, which commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

3. Pregnancy Week By Week; The Third Trimester(29 Week – 41 Week):

We have to the last trimester. Mothers may experience the same discomforts from the second trimester. But some other changes are also added with the third trimester. 

1. Mothers may experience shortness of breath.

2. They might feel that their body is swelling in face, thigh, and fingers. 

3. Breasts may start leaking a watery liquid.

4. Mother also experiences the body movement of the baby in the lower abdomen.

5. The mother may begin experiencing contraction.

6. They face trouble sleeping. Therefore the mother remains tired most of the time.

The whole journey ends with e baby coming to the new world.

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