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Pregnancy Trimesters: A Guide To Follow

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Pregnancy trimesters are the stages or levels of pregnancy. A woman experiences various stages of physical development while she is pregnant. Those developments further get segregation of 4 phases. Those segregations are trimester.

Trimesters are 3 in number, while she is still pregnant. After the baby is born, the 4th trimester begins. It lasts until the completion of 40 weeks, starting from the very date of the would-be mother’s last date of the period. The trimester is a set of goals. The fetus, which develops in the womb of the mother, passes through certain developments achieving a set milestone.

Forty weeks is the typal time limit. A baby can be born before this 40 weeks tenure. The baby can come out by 37 weeks, or at 42 weeks. 

Pregnancy Trimesters: A Guide To Follow
Pregnancy Trimesters: A Guide To Follow

Pregnancy Trimester; First Trimester:

As we know already that trimesters begins from the date of the last period. There enters the first trimester. It takes about 12 weeks for it to end. This first trimester is essential for the development of the fetus inside. The whole process of fertilization begins from this stage. 

In the 4th or 5th week of pregnancy, the embryo grows up to 0.04 inches. And will end up growing till 3 inches by the end of the first trimester. By the end of the first trimester, the embryo starts having the shame more like a human by then. 

By the end of 8 weeks, the mother can feel the heartbeat of the fetus. The eyelids remain closed to protect the eye inside. The genitalia also comes in shape. This indicates that the doctor can verify whether it is a boy or a girl. 

The mother will go through many physical changes. Symptoms such as morning sickness, vomiting nausea will remain prevalent during the 6 to 8 weeks. Some women even get sick by night.  The mother will have emotional breakdowns from time to time. 

Mothers also experience a lot of cravings and aversion to food during this trimester.

Pregnancy Trimesters; 2nd Trimester:

The changes which the doctor significantly notices in the fetus are as follow-

I. Skeleton

II. Muscle tissue formation

III. Eyelashes along eyebrows

IV. Toenails along with fingernails

V. Taste buds along with blood cells

VI. Fingerprints along with footprints

VII. The last, hair formation.

And on the mother’s end, the changes such as the swelling of the belly will become noticeable. The mother also starts experiencing the baby move inside her. 

The symptoms of the 2nd trimester are as follows:

I. The mother may feel round ligament_pain.

II. The mother also notices the color of the nipple darkens

III. The other significant change is the appearance of stretch makers on the belly line. 

Pregnancy Trimesters: A Guide To Follow
Pregnancy Trimesters: A Guide To Follow

Pregnancy Trimesters; Third Trimester:

This trimester starts from the 27th week of the pregnancy. It ends with the time when the baby is born. The formation of most of the body organs has gone through significant completion. The beginning of the third trimester might not fully form the lungs. However, it will be by the end of it. 

The fetus will practice breathing motion. The baby even starts giving kicks along will strong rolls. 

The mother begins to feel uncomfortable in this trimester. Symptoms which the mother experiences during this period-

I. Heartburn

II. Insomnia

III. Swollen feet along with mood fluctuation from time to time

IV. Mother can also notice milk coming out from the breast.

V. Frequent urination, along with many other breast changes.

With the time approaching, the baby turns to head down position to make it easy for delivery.

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