Pregnancy Diet Plan For Indian – Key Foods For Indian Expectant Mothers

pregnancy diet plan for indian

Being a mother is the best gift by God. Isn’t it? Definitely yes! If you are also going to be blessed with this, you should be taking care of yourself as much as possible. And the most important thing for a pregnant woman is that she must be on a balanced diet. During pregnancy, women get several pieces of advice from their friends and family members about what they should eat or what they should not. But these different pieces of advice for the best foods during pregnancy can add to your confusion. However, the best way that the health experts suggest for a pregnant woman is to have a balanced diet.

During pregnancy, the base of your diet, including whole grains, dairy, rice, lean proteins, and whole fruits and vegetables, remains the same. If you are pregnant, then you need to consume more of these foods. Most Indian cuisines focus on legumes, rice, bread, vegetables, and fruits that give you sufficient essential nutrients during pregnancy. Here, we will share the key food groups on the pregnancy diet plan for Indian women suggested by the health expert.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables – Pregnancy Diet Plan For Indian

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Fresh fruits and vegetables must be in your everyday diet plan because it helps to provide you the required amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Pulses And Whole Grains

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If you are a vegetarian, then you must include dals, cereals, nuts, and whole grains in your regular diet to gain the required amount of protein. If you do not consume meat, you will need about 45 g of nuts every day and about a two-third cup of pulses regularly.

Milk Products

Milk products such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, and cottage cheese are rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin sources. All these products are beneficial for you if you are expecting, and you must consume all these products during pregnancy.

Meat And Fish

Fish, meat, and poultry products contain multiple vitamins and a huge amount of proteins. If you consume meat and fish, make sure to include these items in your everyday diet, as they will provide the required amount of proteins.


Consuming fats provide energy to your body, helps you support the growing baby, and prepares your body for delivery. One of the best good sources of fat is vegetable oil, as it has unsaturated fats. Butter and ghee also contain many saturated fats, and you should have them in small amounts only.

Summing Up

Furthermore, you will need to take liquids to ensure that you are hydrated all the time. So, drink as much water and liquids, including juice, as you can throughout the day. Avoid taking packaged juices as they are very high in their sweet content. You can easily have clean and filtered water throughout the day or sip on infused water with fresh fruits. We hope you will like our pregnancy diet plan for Indian expectant mothers.

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