Precautions To Take While Being 5 Months Pregnant

5 months pregnant

It’s a common belief that the longer you’re pregnant, your stretch marks will become worse. And this is undoubtedly true of most stretch mark types-the microdermabrasion variety. However, the truth is that stretch marks at this point are not nearly as annoying as they will become once your baby arrives. Here are a few tips to reduce the visibility of your stretch marks while still ensuring they will not impede your ability to get around and maintain an active lifestyle.

Most Important Precautions To Take During Pregnancy

5 Months Pregnant

Some of the most common Precautions to take while being pregnant to avoid causing any harm to you and your baby are the same as those you would take while pregnant. The most important thing to do is watch your weight and not eat more than what your body requires. You should actually also always ask your doctor before taking any medicine or supplement. Your doctor will tell you how many months you should take the supplements or if you should take them for a more extended period. It is essential to know all of this information because you will need it for your and your baby’s safety.

Some specific foods and supplements can cause your stretch marks to become worse during pregnancy. These are items such as dairy products, red meat, and those that contain vitamin E. If you keep your skin moisturized, then you will not have any problems with your stretch marks. It is also very essential to drink plenty of water when pregnant so that your skin does not become dry. When the skin dries out, it will increase the chance for the scars to form and become more visible.

Some Issues during Five-Month pregnancy

5 Months Pregnant

1)   Lower back pain during pregnancy

During the first few weeks of pregnancy actually, your position may begin to shift as you prepare to give birth to your growing baby. As your bump increases in size, your center of balance shifts. This can create some extra stress on your back, mainly as your newly adjusted pelvic muscles must work harder to support the excess weight. A quickening of the pelvis can relieve this pressure, allowing for more room to push against and keep your growing baby.

2)   Ultrasound

Just like with any other pregnant symptom, an ultrasound may help identify the problem. Many doctors will recommend an ultrasound to confirm a diagnosis. This kind of test is called quickening or pregnancy sonograms.

3)   Skin changes

When you are five months pregnant and feel hungry, you might notice that you are eating more than usual. Also, you might see that your skin is a little warmer than it usually is. Both of these are due to the extra calories that your body is burning off.


 Taking precautions is not always going to stop you from having stretch marks. They are still something that you have to worry about even though they are not harmful to you. They will only look better and will not be an issue to you anymore.

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