Newborn Essentials – Baby Wrap and Baby Socks -

Newborn Essentials – Baby Wrap and Baby Socks

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A baby wrap has been used in most cultures of the world since time immemorial. A baby wrap keeps your baby close to your body while allowing you to type, clean, do meal prep, etc. Baby socks are essential too. Here we will explain the uses of these newborn essentials.

Baby Wrap

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It is a long fabric piece that you can tie and knot across your own body to create a pocket or a pouch like space where your baby can sit. A baby wrap is usually tied over your shoulders and then across the torso. These are generally used for newborns until 18 months old. 

Do You Need A Baby Wrap?

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The need for a baby wrap most certainly depends upon your work and need to hold your baby. If your baby is accustomed to lie down in its play pen or carry cot and does not want to be cuddled often, then you do not need one. If your baby feels insecure being left alone on the bed or play pen and you have other chores to attend, then a baby wrap can be most useful. You can also go in for baby carriers, babywearing shirts, slings or such other structured carriers if you are not comfortable in a baby wrap. 

A baby wrap is the only baby carrier that snuggles your baby close to your body. But you should have the practice of tying the baby wrap properly else it may come off lose, causing an accident. You can watch some tutorial videos to learn how to tie a baby wrap efficiently. 

Baby Foot Socks

Baby foot socks are an essential accessory in any baby’s wardrobe. These offer warmth to the baby and also help to complete their attire. Socks are important even if your baby has not started walking yet. 

Uses Of Baby Foot Socks

  • Socks help to keep your baby warm and protected and they themselves are not able to regulate their body temperatures. A proper circulation is needed to heat their bodies right from the head to their toes. 
  • Chilly feet can be very dangerous to the baby’s health. Viruses and other infections can easily infect your baby if the body temperature is cold. Baby foot socks can regulate the body’s temperature and make it warm from inside.
  • A baby can crawl on a dirty surface also without making you worry about catching any germs if you have made the baby wear foot socks. 

These two are the most important newborn essentials that most people avoid. They often let go of socks or a body wrap thinking that they are not important. But now, you know the importance of these items and will not fail to buy these for your new born child. These can be gifted to an expecting mom as well.

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