Newborn Baby Care Classes – Nursing Is Essential To Giving Your Child His Best Start In Life

You might have already signed up for parenting, prenatal and newborn baby care classes before your baby’s arrival. Unfortunately, many doctors now say that live, hands-on lessons aren’t always safe today. But there are lots of good sources for online newborn baby care classes, delivery classes, and other live classes for moms-to-be. These online classes can help you prepare for what’s ahead in your pregnancy and will help you be prepared for the arrival of your newborn child. Some of the classes even offer a full exam on delivery that you can take with you to the hospital.

Finding Newborn Baby Care Classes

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You can find local groups offering newborn baby care classes in your area by calling your local hospitals, physician’s offices, and even the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. There are also class offerings online through such sites as Go Ask Mom, Moms Inside, and Choosing Babysitting. If you prefer self-directed learning, check out the videos and CDs that you can download from these sites. The videos can be watched on your home computer or iPod, or listened to on your car’s CD player.

If you’re having trouble delivering your son or daughter by Cesarean delivery, you may want to consider enrolling in one of the many newborn baby care classes offered to help you learn how to deal with the challenges of labor. While many doctors agree that natural childbirth is generally a safer option than Cesarean sections, they also recognize that there is no way to predict how labor will feel. Having a lactation consultant can make the whole labor and delivery process easier for you and your husband or boyfriend, and can help you relax during those times when you may feel like giving up.

New moms should not hesitate to seek out information about labor and delivery, especially if they are worried about past experiences. “I certainly learned from my husband’s birthing experience,” says Mary. “We had both attended a class on natural childbirth, but we didn’t feel we were doing fine. We weren’t ready for our second child.” Once Mary and her husband learned more about natural childbirth, they felt much more at ease going into labor.

Best Newborn Baby Care Classes

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Classes like the one taught by Certified Lactation Consultant Trina Turk are geared toward new moms who already have their own children. Classes taught by Turk are designed to educate new moms on everything from the physical changes that their newborn will go through during labor to the psychological and emotional adjustments that will impact their child throughout the first year of life. A mother who are confident that she has done her research and knows what she is getting into should consider taking a course in this field.

Another option is to take a course at a local hospital or medical clinic. If the expectant mother desires, she can take a pregnancy class there instead of signing up to take a childbirth class at the hospital. This gives her the opportunity to learn about labor and delivery from someone who has actually experienced it firsthand. She can also meet and talk with other women who are also having their first baby and get a sense of what it is really like to deliver their first child in this fashion.

More About Newborn Baby Care Classes

Many new moms who have taken a stroll down this path say they have gained valuable knowledge and perspective about labor and delivery by taking one of these “walk through” courses. For example, one woman says she now realizes that the force of pushing out a stork from the comfort of home was no match for the strength of her body. She now fully understands what she felt when pushing and pulling on her own. These and other lessons have enriched her knowledge about birth and have helped her through her own labor and delivery.

Final Thoughts

Newborn baby care classes also teach new moms how to breastfeed successfully. While many women think they will be able to get through the first few months of feeding their baby on their own, the reality is that breastfeeding takes time and practice. New moms should attend a class if they have questions about how to do this naturally and without injury to themselves or the baby. The act of breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects of the baby’s initial development and the success of his or her parents.

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