My Newborn Baby Care Secrets Are Here For Every Mom And Dad To Know -

My Newborn Baby Care Secrets Are Here For Every Mom And Dad To Know

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My Newborn Baby Care Secrets Are Here For Every Mom And Dad To Know

Are you going to be a new mom and dad? Well, congratulations! But, as a mother myself, I know how stressful it becomes as the due date approaches nearer. There are all those thoughts about meeting the high standard that society puts on the idea of becoming a mother and father. Are you going to be a great parent? Are you going to do everything right? What if you make a mistake? This time you are the parent and cannot really depend upon anyone to set things right! I know all about these fears and doubts; been there, done that, been through it all! But, don’t worry. Because you will do absolutely fabulous! And, to make things a little easier, I bring to you some of my newborn baby care secrets that should help you through the initial days!

My Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Parents

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So, let’s find out how to best take care of the little one. These are mostly just common sense and you can find these tips from any person who has ever raised a baby from birth. So, don’t worry, it’s no rocket science!

Whether you are giving birth in a hospital or nursing home, talk to the doctors, nurses, and other professionals; especially about breastfeeding. If it’s a C-section baby your body might take longer to start secreting milk. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural. Get suggestions from the doctor and other maternity nurses about lactation and breastfeeding. This will be the best and most reliable place to get information about taking care of the little one.

Remember that the baby is yet to form a firm spine. So, while holding, give enough support to the entire back, especially to the neck and head. It’s imperative that the baby receives no form of stress in the spinal region at all.

This point is especially meant for the new dads. Postpartum depression is real and your wife might suffer badly because of that. You have got to take care of the baby as well as your wife during such situations. Talk to an expert, preferably the doctor, regarding this.

Of course the newborn will only breastfeed. There is no alternative to it. But, that does not mean that even if you cannot provide enough milk you cannot give any type of milk to the baby. Talk to your doctor if you are not lactating enough and your baby remains hungry. You might have to give a small amount of special formula milk to the baby if needed. Also, this does not mean that you are any less of a mother. And, there are some food items that promote lactation. Discuss with a nutritionist regarding this.

Massage creates bonding between the mother and the newborn. You can know more about the various types of massage and get practical demonstrations from the doctor. But, be careful about how strongly you are massaging. You need to be gentle enough since the baby is not strong enough.

Taking care of a newborn is not an easy task, but it isn’t that difficult either. As mother and father you will keep learning. Don’t worry or get tense at all. You will do great!

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