Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?

Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?

Great news for all of you expectant mothers out there, eating 30grams of Chocolate every day during pregnancy could benefit fetal growth and development. In an article, it said that “A daily chocolate treat could reduce the risk of premature birth for a child.” Although luckily – excluded from this no-go list, expectant mothers are cautioned because of its fat, sugar, and caffeine content, against overindulging in the delicious treat.

Now let us see the benefits and safety concerns of chocolate for pregnant women. 

Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?
Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?

Safety Concern: Chocolate Contains Sugar, Caffeine, and Fat


Many moms-to-be views their pregnancy as a chance to be extra careful with their health, and monitor their consumption of items like coffee, sugar, and excessive supplements.

And that is also for a good reason: evidence has found that eating so many calories, and excessive levels of added sugar during pregnancy will lead both mom and baby to adverse health outcomes.

For example, high sugar diets during pregnancy have been associated with a higher risk of:

  • Intense gestation weight gain
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Preterm Birth
  • Preeclampsia

For this purpose, pregnant women are advised to keep their added sugar consumption to a minimum to prevent such possible risks.


Another problem is caffeine consumption, as too much caffeine has been connected to the risks of miscarriage. During pregnancy, experts prescribe instead to take 200 milligrams or less of caffeine a day. 

You will undoubtedly live below that number while still loving your daily chocolate slice. Have a peek at the usual levels of caffeine: 

  • Dark chocolate contains 1.45 ounces: 30 mg caffeine 
  • Milk chocolate bar contains 1.55 ounces: 11 mg 
  • Caffeine chocolate syrup contains one tablespoon: 3 mg caffeine


Chocolate isn’t as bad as you first thought it would be. It comes from cocoa butter and consists of equal amounts of oleic acid (a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found mostly in olive oil), stearic and palmitic acids. Forms of saturated fat include stearic and palmitic acids. You should know that saturated fats are related to LDL cholesterol rises and the risk of heart disease.

Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?
Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?

Benefits of Chocolate On Pregnant Woman:

Better Fetal Development

People who eat chocolate daily during their pregnancy had improved growth in the placenta and fetus. 

Reduced Chances of Preeclampsia

Regular chocolate consumption can lower the risk of preeclampsia (high blood pressure), leading to premature births, strokes, blot clots, and even death. The intake decreases the chance of preeclampsia by 50 percent.

Helps Maintain Weight

A slice of it will help to keep the extra pounds at bay. Say yes to dark chocolate, maintain a good weight gain, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Reduce The Chance of Miscarriage

You should adopt only one plan to stop a miscarriage. Yet, it has been discovered that pregnant women who eat chocolate daily have 20 percent fewer risks of having a first-trimester miscarriage.

Help Manage Stress

During these nine months, as your hormones are all over the place, it can be truly stressful. Chocolate can help to decrease your stress levels, research says. Researchers have also shown that consuming sweets every day substantially reduces stress rates.

A Happier Baby

According to research conducted in Finland, people who ate chocolate during their pregnancy mentioned having livelier and healthier babies.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Cocoa helps in regulating blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. 

Contains Antioxidants

Theobromine present in cocoa helps in regulating blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. 

Prevents Heart Disease

Dark chocolate’s antioxidant activity plays a leading role in combating heart disease and thus protects the cardiovascular system. The darker it is, and the higher the quality, the better it is for the heart.

Good Source Of Iron And Magnesium

Around 100 g of dark chocolate gives you 67% of the required daily intake for iron and 58% for magnesium. Iron is essential for maintaining the hemoglobin count throughout pregnancy and helps to metabolize fatty acids through magnesium.

Nutritional Content

It provides other nutrients such as iron and magnesium effective in increasing the count of hemoglobin and stimulating fatty acid metabolism. 

 Presence Of Resveratrol

This helps protect the brain and the nervous systems and can be beneficial to the baby’s development. 


Its properties are desirable during pregnancy as they reduce the chance of stroke.

Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?
Is Eating Chocolate Safe For Pregnant Women?

How To Choose the Best Chocolates?

Dark chocolates contain several essential compounds that have many advantages for pregnant women in terms of wellness. Seek to prevent mousse, since it includes raw eggs that are not appropriate for pregnant women. Cocoa milk, hot, and dark chocolate are also considered suitable for use during breastfeeding. The small portions of chocolate cake and ice cream are often appropriate as long as you keep to your standards.

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