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Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy

Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy

The feeling of having a life inside your body feels fantastic. However bad or good, your mood maybe, but the sense of a living being inside is something beyond explanation. Pregnancy varies from mother to mother. And sometimes it different from 1st pregnancy to 2nd and even to third. Some irritation may last for months while discomforts may vanish within a week.

Pregnancy is a journey of over nine months for having a baby. A typical pregnancy tenure is about 40 weeks starting from the last menstruation, which is around two weeks before conception.

Pregnancy is bifurcated into three months each known as trimesters. During this whole journey, many changes take place in a women’s body. Here we are going to discuss the various levels of pregnancy and the development of the fetus inside.

1. Implantation And Conception; The Beginning Of Having A Baby:

After two weeks from your last period, the ovaries release one egg. It takes around 12-24 hours to travel up to the fallopian tube to the uterus. The process of fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube if there is any sperm present. The egg cell combines with sperm to complete the process of conception.

Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy
Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy

Around 3- 4 days for an embryo to move towards the lining of the uterus wall implants with uterus wall. After the implantation process, the cell grows gradually growing to the placenta and fetus.

2. First Trimester The Next Step (1-12 Weeks):

The first trimester begins with the last day of your period. By this time are aware of the fact that you are pregnant. From bad to a good many emotional turbulences occurs due to hormonal changes. The figure of the mother slowly begins to change. Other than this baby also develops changes. Uring this trimester a lot of developments take place. The bud of the teeth grows, the muscles along with the bones begin to grow.

3. The 2nd Trimester The Next Step Of Having A Baby(13-27 Weeks):

A short trip would be the right choice these days. The chance of miscarriage reduces during this period. The mother remains happy and stable during this phase. The possibility of premature labor also reduces during the stage. During this period, hair begins to grow. The eyes have already starting to open, and there is rapid development in the brain. The lungs are in full formation, though they don’t work.

4. The 3rd Trimester The Next And The Last Step Of Having A Baby(28-40Weeks):

During this final stage of pregnancy, one might find it hard to adjust to a comfortable sleeping position. Due to uncomfortable during sleeping, mothers remain tired every time. As time passes by, few mothers enjoy this journey. However, the remaining lot gets bored, and want’s the pregnancy to get over as soon as possible.

Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy
Having a Baby: Stages of Pregnancy

During the last month of pregnancy, the baby is fully developed and is ready to come out. The baby inside develops weight because of its bone hardening, although the skull remains soft. The journey of these nine to ten months ends with the baby delivered. The baby comes out on the head down posture from the pelvis of the mother. The definition of pregnancy ends with the baby when born.

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