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Every Parent Should Remember These Hush Hush Little Baby Newborn Care Tips While Taking Care Of Their Newborns

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Parents need to take extra and special care of the baby because the baby is just out of its most comfortable and safe area which is the mother’s womb. He/she faces the external air, temperature, environment for the first time and so is quite vulnerable. Keep these points in mind for hush hush little baby newborn care.

Things To Be Maintained

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Since the baby is fragile and vulnerable, we need to take proper care of hygiene. For this, we should always wash or sanitize our hands before touching the baby. We should always use cotton and skin-friendly clothing for the baby. We should use hygienic tissue paper to clean the baby. Whenever we feed the baby, the dress should be changed and the mouth should be cleaned properly. 

While making the baby bath, we should take extra care. Only Lukewarm water should be used because the baby can’t tolerate chilled or cold water. Normal water too can be used in summer. Apart from this, while making the baby bathe, we should be alert that the water doesn’t enter the baby’s ears. Many times water enters the baby’s ears and it causes pain. So you need to adopt better bathing ways for hush hush little baby newborn care.

Things to be avoided

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Touching the baby without washing hands should be strictly avoided. Kissing the baby especially on the lips because it may cause infection. Never make haste with the baby.

Any sudden movement should be avoided otherwise it may cause serious muscle disorder. We should always take the baby in our laps easily and slowly.

How to choose baby products

We are living in a global world. Innumerable companies are producing baby products and they are within our reach. So while choosing products for our baby, we should first consult a pediatrician or use the most trustworthy brands available in the market for the last many years. We should not be affected by marketing tactics. In some cases, parents prefer only new and costly brands and thus make their babies suffer. 

The baby should be pampered well. This very pampering decides its emotional strength in the future. A newborn baby sleeps most of the time. It should be awakened and feeder at regular intervals. If the baby is not fed properly, it will affect its overall growth.

Only breastfeeding should be preferred. In case of a serious medical condition of the mother, we should consult the doctor and then provide a replacement for breastfeeding.


A newborn baby should need love, care, and tenderness. Follow the mentioned tips for hush hush little baby newborn care.

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