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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: Which Are They

Knowing that you are expecting a baby sooner helps you in giving an early start to a healthy pregnancy phase for both yourself and your infant. Are you feeling that you might be pregnant?  If so, then it would be an exciting time for you or maybe a frightening one as well! Whatever your feelings are, be just prepared in the right way and get an idea of the early signs of pregnancy. There are many women, who are aware of the basic signs like a missed period; but that is not the one and only symptom.  Wondering “Am I pregnant”? If so, then it is time to take a test and this goes special if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: Which Are They
6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: Which Are They

Late Period

This is a very classic symptom of pregnancy. Late period means you much take a test for confirming whether you are expecting or not. You should keep track of your monthly cycles by using an application or by marking the dates in a calendar.


Around ten days post ovulation, it is likely for you to experience some cramps. These will be in the lower tummy. Slightly red, brown or pink staining might also be noticed around the time when you are expecting your period. Many women experience this situation which is called implantation bleeding. It happens when the fully fertilized egg settles into the womb lining. However, implantation bleeding is not experienced by all women who are pregnant.


Tiredness and fatigue rank high when it comes to understanding the early symptoms of being pregnant. The hormone levels soar during the early phase of pregnancy. This general soaring is of the hormone called progesterone. High doses of this hormone can make you feel sleepy. At the same time, increased production of blood, low levels of blood sugar and low blood pressure might together eat up all your energy while you are pregnant in your first or second week.

Headaches And Constipation

Quite early during pregnancy, there is increased circulation of blood throughout a woman’s body. This is generally a result of hormonal changes. These changes can trigger mild, frequent headaches. Yet another common sign of pregnancy in its early phase is constipation. Higher levels of progesterone have the food passing through the intestines slowly. This can result in constipation.

Strange Emotions

When you find yourself in a situation where your emotions feel a bit out of place or balance then you must consider it as an early symptom of pregnancy. Your hormones are again at fault for this. Having strange emotions are common in the first trimester and you can find things settling down properly after a few weeks.

6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: Which Are They
6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy: Which Are They

Nasal Congestion

I bet you might not have heard of this early pregnancy symptom before but yes it is experienced by many women. It is often over-looked but women do experience this symptom. The nasal passages swell because of increased supply of blood resulting in nasal congestion.

Not all mothers-to-be experience similar early signs of pregnancy. Symptoms of pregnancy can vary from one woman to another.

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