Celebrate A Child Birth Day With Family And Friends

child birth day

What could be better than a child birthday? A child’s birthday can mean so much to the parents. It marks the start of a new life; a new chapter in the book of life. It is the day when the new mother gets to celebrate a new phase of life. It is also the day when the couple can take a big step towards starting their families.

An Overview

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The importance of a child’s birth day can never be undermined. It is the right of every woman to celebrate her own motherhood. A child birth is a wonderful time for the mother and the family and reflects the bond between mother and child.

The importance of a child birth should never be underestimated. It is the right of every woman to celebrate her own motherhood. A child birth is the first day that the baby is seen by the family and friends. This is the day that the family gets together and gives thanks to the woman who had given the family a member.

There are different ideas and celebrations on child birth days. In some cultures, the child birth ceremony marks the initiation of the child into adulthood. In other cultures, it is a special day for the mother alone. But whatever the views of the family may be, the important thing is that the mother is acknowledged for her role in welcoming a child into this world.

Top Things To Know

There are several things that family members and friends can do on a child ‘s birthday. They can gather around the hearth and light the fire and roast marshmallows. They can make cookies and chocolates and give each other a treat. They can go around to different rooms of the house and give each other hugs. The child birth celebration might even continue with a candle light dinner.

There are different ways to celebrate the child birth. For the Western cultures, the mother puts a roasting pot of meat on her shoulders and walks through the village singing and dancing. The father follows her with his wallet containing money for the new born. They head for the church where the mother gives a eulogy and thanks God for having given the baby the life he is living. It is believed that the child was sent to this world by God.

Another way to celebrate is to go for a picnic near the place where the child was born. On the picnic table, there is a cake with a rose on it. The mother will give the child’s name and that of his parents.

There are many other ways too on how to celebrate child birth. It is better if you let your child do it. This will help them understand the meaning of celebrating the child’s birthday. It is important that the mother tells her child about the celebration so he/she does not feel too lonely after learning he/she is a new member of the family.

Ask Your Child

Asking the permission of the child before trying to celebrate the birthday is very important. The child may think that it is disgusting to have people celebrate his/her birthday in a public place. If the child does not give his/her permission, then there is no point in going ahead with it.

It is always nice to give gifts for birthdays. It is a good idea to put up posters of children so that they get the idea that their birthday is special. Parents can buy postcards, greetings cards and balloons with the pictures of their children’s printed on it. Parents can buy postcards that contain recipes that can be put up on the birthday cake. You can also buy candles that are beautifully lit and placed on the tables.

Final Tip

Pictures of the child can be placed on the walls so that the child feels that he/she is a part of the celebrations. A video can also be made of the child’s birth, so that everyone can see it. If you are having trouble getting all the arrangements ready for the child birth, you can have a priest or a minister to conduct the actual birthday ceremony. However if you have the facility of a church and a separate room that you can use, then you can make the video and the photos. A priest can conduct the actual child birth day ceremony and then you can have photographs taken.


There are many stores that deal in childbirth accessories. You can go and purchase all the things that you need for the child’s birthday. Most of these stores have their own special collections. They have clothing and other items for a child birth and also a lot of them sell things for birthdays. All you need to do is just visit any store and ask for their special products.

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