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best time to get pregnant

How is it best for women to know when is the best time to get pregnant? Some couples begin trying to conceive within a very short period of time after marriage. Others wait months or even years until conceiving. And then there are others who wait an entire lifetime. Of course, whether you’d like children or not, there is no right or wrong time for pregnant conception.

The best time to get pregnant is not determined by any kind of “wonder pill.” It does not rely on the type of fertility treatment you are currently taking. It does not depend on the length of your marriage or your level of education. It does not even depend on the number of pregnancies you’ve already had. It relies solely on your own ovulation predictor.

Best Time To Get Pregnant

Get Pregnant

A lot of couples may wonder why they experience difficulty in conceiving. It can be very frustrating for couples to start trying again after several unsuccessful attempts. There are a couple of reasons why a couple may not conceive the first time. For one, the woman’s fertility level may be too low for her to conceive easily. If this is the case, the couple may need to undergo medical check-ups to ensure that there are no serious medical conditions causing their infertility.

Other couples may not conceive simply because their fertility levels are too high. This is quite common in women who are in their early 30s. The reason why this is so is that the ovaries need to start releasing the hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), before the body starts to produce mature egg cells. If the LH hormone level is high before the body starts to produce mature egg cells, then the egg cells will not be able to survive until it is released by the body at its adulthood stage.

One way to improve the chance of getting pregnant is by determining the correct timing and ensuring that the cervical mucus changes at the appropriate time. If the mucus does not change at the right time, then the chances of having an egg are slim. For a woman to determine the correct timing, she needs to have three basal body temperatures, one each month, for four months. This is an important tool for those who want to know how to get pregnant as it can help couples predict their most fertile period. This is the period when the female’s reproductive system is actively making and releasing the eggs.

A Much Ado 

Get Pregnant

The next thing a woman needs to track is her cervical mucus. If the mucus contains an alkaline substance, then it indicates that ovulation is taking place. The female’s egg cell would be waiting to be fertilized and this can only happen if this mucus is alkaline. In order to determine the best time to get pregnant by having intercourse, the sperm should arrive at the egg about five to ten minutes after the excitement has subsided. Sperm can live for about twenty-four hours and the egg will be ready to be fertilized only after it is ready.

Another trick that helps couples to know the best time to get pregnant is monitoring the menstrual cycle. If the cycle is irregular, then ovulation will be much delayed and the sperms will not be released at their correct time. There are tools that are used to determine the ovulation date such as a basal thermometer or an ovulation test kit. These tests will be helpful for a couple who wants to conceive as it gives them the information they need to try to conceive by getting intimate on the most fertile days of the month.

Final Words 

Some women do not ovulate at the normal interval. There are tools that help women track their ovulation cycles like the ovulation kit. This kit includes tests that will determine the ovulation date and will determine the intensity or level of fertility. Understanding the ovulation cycle helps a lot in determining the best time to get pregnant and will help a couple to have a smooth pregnancy.

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