All You Need To Know About Keto Diet In Pregnancy

keto diet pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most cherishable time in a woman’s life and it should be happy and comfortable. There are some women who prefer to take a keto diet during pregnancy. But, there are some risks that you need to know when it comes to keto diet in pregnancy and taking a keto diet in pregnancy is not considered safe because of these reasons. Here are some things that can happen if you take a keto diet during your pregnancy and all these pose a threat to the child as well as the mother so doctor’s recommendation should be taken before you plan to follow any diet.

Nutrient Deficiencies

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Pregnant women can face many nutrient deficiencies if they practice keto when they are pregnant. In a keto diet you have to eat food that is rich in fats and proteins and you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates. This is not good for the pregnant ladies and they require lots of fruits and vegetables to make the baby feel good and give it all the essential nutrients. They also need to eat vegetables as they provide the fibres that can help with the constipation during the pregnancy. If you do not give the baby and the mother the essential nutrients then there can be some birth defects in the baby and that would not be good. So, following a keto during pregnancy is risky and can lead to many deficiencies in the baby which is not good for him.

Saturated Fat

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The keto diet encourages the consumption of fat and although some amount of fat is good for the baby, too much saturated fat is not. You can eat too much butter and unhealthy oils in the food that can lead to high cholesterol that will put a strain on the health of your baby. Also, there is no restriction on the consumption of meats and that can lead to so many problems in your body. Also, you can eat food like salami and bacon which have added colors and chemicals that can harm your body and cause too much damage which can pose a risk for your pregnancy.

Side Effects

There are some potential side effects that you may experience if you follow a keto diet when you are pregnant. You might feel more tired than usual and you might also feel bloating and stomach pain which will make you feel uncomfortable. Also, you might get frequent headaches and constipation that will make you feel worse and it will not help the condition that you will be in. Thus, keto is not suggested during pregnancy as it has risks and it is not the best diet that you should follow.


Keto diet poses risks to the health of pregnant women and the baby so it should not be followed. There are some plausible side effects that the woman might experience and that can cause discomfort and pain to her which is not good. Thus, doctors should be consulted before you start following any diet in your pregnancy.

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