A Look At The Hypnobirthing Method

Learn From Jane’s Experience Of Hypnobirthing

Jane actually had what many women would consider a dream delivery and labor. The entire procedure was uncomfortable but it did not hurt much. The delivery took eight to ten hours and what came as a real surprise was that she did this whole thing medicine-free. However, Jane had studied hypnobirthing – a process that trained her in using music, visualization and breathing methods for medicine-free birth.

Learn From Jane’s Experience Of Hypnobirthing
Learn From Jane’s Experience Of Hypnobirthing

Experts are of the view that this type of birthing is a good way of experiencing a joyful and painless birth. The process involves highly specialized and useful prenatal classes that teach women about natural labor experience and thus pain, goodbye.

Understanding The Process

This is a philosophy or a technique that teaches mothers that their bodies have been specifically designed to deliver babies. The classes help women in doing what their bodies already know how to do. There are many mothers who are of the view that self-hypnosis methods have helped them in releasing their natural endorphins while allowing them to give birth in a controlled and calm environment, all this without the use of medicines. The women are bombarded with videos and pictures of what painful labor actually involves. These videos and pictures help them in realizing that birth does not need to go the way women are conditioned or made to believe it will. There is no need for women to scream and freak out when delivering a baby.

Self-hypnosis Delivery

It is a procedure for managing pain while experiencing labor and trying to deliver. The process involves making use of a blend of relaxation, deep breathing and visualization methods. Breathing exercises are an integral part of this procedure. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques help women in concentrating on their bodies and on the delivery of their babies.

How Does It All Work?

  • Well, pregnant women can participate in private classes or group classes or they also have the option of doing online classes for learning everything about the process.
  • During the course, you should not expect a watch swinging right in front of your face. Also, you will not have anybody hypnotizing you.
  • The main part of the process is learning the right way to relax and be honest.
  • The course teaches women the different ways of relaxing themselves because one particular method that works for certain women might not work for the other.
  • The methods are massage techniques, breathing techniques, visualizing, reading or listening to a meditative recording and using other tools.
  • There is yet another part that has its focus on baby birth.
  • The main foundation of this whole procedure is that being afraid or fearful while giving birth might result in a lot of issues.
Learn From Jane’s Experience Of Hypnobirthing
Learn From Jane’s Experience Of Hypnobirthing

Hence, the classes are meant to address the fears of pregnant women with proper knowledge. Adages like “fear of the unknown” and “knowledge is the ultimate power” come into effective play here.

As for Jane, she completely enjoyed delivering her baby and considers it to be an experience that brings a smile to her face. “There is a kind of positivity attached to hypnobirthing”, she says.

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