6-Month-Old Baby Diaper Bag Essentials

diaper bag essentials for newborn

When you’re planning to get an expectant family member or friend a diaper bag, the essentials you need to pack in it are almost the same for both boys and girls. The difference is that girls tend to be more delicate when it comes to stuffs and they’ll get through their first few months quite messier than boys. That being said, there are still some basic things that girls need to get. Just like boys, babies too need their diaper bags to carry a lot of stuffs and diapers. But the items inside it should be separated in terms of gender. That way, it won’t be a mess inside the bag and you can also use it as a girl’s sleeping bag when camping.

An Overview

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The most essential items of a diaper bag checklist for girls are linens, towels and burp cloths. A liner and towels always come up near the top of the list as they can be used over again. Liners can either be disposable or cloth. If the mom chooses to use cloth ones, she should be ready for when she’s using it more than once – it is after all, meant to be used over. Cloth liners are inexpensive and easily washable.

Another one of the essential baby bag essentials for newborns are the wipes. Again, girls have many options as compared to boys. Babies do not usually require a lot of washing and a simple wipe with a little soap and water should work just fine.

Other items include bibs and burp cloths. For parents who bring their child along with them while outdoors, bibs are a must. There are different types of bibs available nowadays with cool colors and designs to match any outfit or mood. Burp cloths are very handy since they could be easily folded into a small package and stored in the diaper bag.

Baby Diaper Bag Essentials

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These two are great to have since they come in handy for so many times. When a parent is working outside and needs to change their little one at least twice a day, the diaper bag with toddler covers is perfect. And for afternoons and evenings the cover could be used as a sun bonnet.

Other diaper bag essentials for newborns are the bottles and the diapers themselves. Having a few bottles on hand is very convenient since then both the bottle and the diaper could be used anytime without having to worry about a mess. Some moms even bring along a sanitizer for added sanitization.

Lastly, there are also compartments for holding extra diapers. There are also several places to put bottles as well. One great way to keep things organized is to have separate compartments for wipes, pads and bottles. This is another great way for moms to stay organized.

As you can see there are many diaper bags and necessities for newborns that are easy to carry around. No more need to dig through items in a messy diaper bag. Just throw it all in a little basket and off you go! With just a little planning, most moms will find it easy to carry around for their little one. It’s an essential thing for any parent.

In The End

Most of us carry around a diaper bag or a couple of smaller bags for diaper changing. You should include at least one other small bag for overnight outings or day trips. For safety’s sake always carry around two compartments – one for smaller items and another for larger (medication) items. These carry all of your baby’s basic necessities and can be stacked with a toddler pillow for maximum comfort. You should always carry a sun glass cleaner in a diaper changing pad, as this will help you to clean the insides of baby’s diapers while they are in bed.

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