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5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester

5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester

When you are planning for pregnancy, it is definitely a great feeling. But most times, pregnant women can’t prepare themselves beforehand to deal with the symptoms of pregnancy. The reason is, there is too less information about it, and mostly no pregnant women share their experiences with other women who are looking forward to taking their next step. Few symptoms start from the first semester, and others join in later. Here let’s know about the symptoms of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks.

1. Morning Sickness

5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester
5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester

Any women who have been pregnant can write a book about this symptom of pregnancy. It’s like the stomach flu where you can’t keep calm. In those times when you hear about certain foods, you feel nauseous. Sometimes it feels your whole energy is draining out of you. During the 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, that feeling stays for 24/7. This time the way you may start to feel very irritated as you have to deal with it yourself without any remedy to soothe you. Morning sickness steals a part of your soul for those few weeks.

2. Constipation

Yes, I know it is gross. And, maybe women don’t talk about it for this reason. But no one can ignore it. You don’t feel comfortable at all. There are some fixes that you may have read, but a lot of them are crappy.
Many will advise you to eat fiber-foods, drink lots of water- but can you keep all those foods and water down? If yes then that’s great, but if not then do not take those advices. Go to your doctor instead, he/she will give the right advice and may prescribe something that will give you some comfort.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue seems very lame word to describe what you actually feel during those first 12 weeks. It’s nothing like yawning, stretching or fluttering of eyes. In those weeks fatigue takes BEAST mode. You will literally crave to sleep all day. The tiredness for some days will be worse than the others. In my case, I even feared whether I should be driving my car at all. You will get so tempted to sleep like nothing in this world is as great as sleep.

4. Tremendous Gas In Your Belly

5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester
5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy During The 1st Trimester

Like constipation, this is one of the symptoms of pregnancy abut which everyone hesitates to talk about. Your belly will look like melon if you have tremendous gas. With constipation, you already feel at extreme unease and above that, you may experience a surge of severe gas. I wish someone informed me about it before my pregnancy. I would have been prepared mentally. However, for my second pregnancy, I was ready mentally and took preparation.

5. The Voice

Oh! THE VOICE! The moment you will become pregnant, a voice will knock at your head very often. Don’t be afraid, it is your voice. Not that you will talk to yourself loudly. This voice will point out that everything you are doing is horribly wrong and which is harming your baby in the womb.

You will question your every move. This may react to the individuals differently. I am always a little bit anxious, and it got worse for me. But you must try to shift your mind from that voice and don’t let it over-power your saneness.

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