10 Common Pregnancy Discharge

pregnancy discharge

Discharge is the fluid coming out of the vagina. It can be normal, however, some changes may happen in your particular case. The amount of vaginal secretion can be different depending on what trimester you are in now. As a rule, the highest amount of this secretion occurs during the 3rd trimester. You should understand that it is normal for women to have different types of color or smell to their vaginal fluids throughout pregnancy. If you think something serious may happen with your health, don’t ignore any symptoms and see your doctor immediately.

Below we present 10 common discharges during pregnancy.

Dark yellow vaginal discharge

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The vaginal discharge becomes thicker and darker in color as time passes by until the day comes when it will become bright yellow with white junk-in-the-trunk. You might notice this kind of discharge even before the time when you should have your period. If you find these changes in your vagina, there is a good chance to be pregnant. This kind of discharge is due to the increase in progesterone levels when pregnancy starts.

Brown vaginal discharge

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Brown vaginal discharge is common in women who are going through their first trimester or at the end of it. The color becomes darker when the period comes after a few days since it resolves in a couple of weeks once you give birth. To know if this is a sign of labor, wait for two weeks after giving birth and see if your menstruation will come again. If not, go get checked out by your doctor so he can confirm if your baby is really growing inside you. Some doctors may say that this kind of brown vaginal discharge is a result of old blood and tissue that is being released from the vaginal wall.

Green vaginal discharge

Similar to brown vaginal discharge, you may experience green-colored vaginal discharge at the end of your first trimester. The color becomes more prominent at the time when menstruation is about to show up. If this kind of vaginal discharge occurs during pregnancy, it will be darker than usual and lighter after giving birth. Once your baby comes out, you can expect your normal vaginal discharge to come back within a month or two since childbirth itself takes five weeks for recovery.

White maggot-like parasite on the vagina wall

A small white maggot-like parasite might appear on the walls of your vagina; these are just small pieces that are being sloughed off from the inside of your uterus every day while blood is being discharged out. This kind of vaginal discharge is common among pregnant women who are in their second trimester, and it might grow more prominent as you go into your third trimester.

Clear or milky white vaginal discharge

The clear or milky white vaginal discharge goes hand-in-hand with the spot; it does not mean that you’re having a miscarriage whenever you experience this kind of discharge. Some women, however, may notice the same kind of vaginal discharge even before the time when they should have their menstruation so check with your doctor to confirm if you’re pregnant or not.

Yellow-green vaginal discharge

The color of this type of vaginal discharge is very prominent and can be seen by people around you. If the color is yellowish in the beginning and becomes green in a few days, then there is a big chance that you’re pregnant, or it might just be an infection since no self-diagnosis should be done whether it’s concerning pregnancy or other conditions.

White creamy vaginal discharge

White creamy vaginal discharge during early pregnancy is normal so do not panic when you notice such changes in your vagina even if you haven’t had sexual relations with anyone lately. These kinds of changes are perfectly normal so go talk to your doctor before doing anything else.

Thick vaginal discharge

Thick vaginal discharge is common among pregnant women, especially those who are in the first trimester. This kind of discharge is due to the increase in hormones that control cervical production so do not worry about it too much. Some doctors recommend wearing panty liners once you experience this type of vaginal discharge just so your underwear won’t become wet which can be embarrassing for you at times.

Watery or runny vaginal discharge

The watery or runny vaginal discharge does not occur during early pregnancy but will show up when you’re near your third trimester. A few days before giving birth, however, watery and runny vaginal discharges with a weird color might show up. If there’s no pain experienced by the mother, this is normal but if there’s pain, get it checked out by your doctor to avoid possible complications.

Brown thick vaginal discharge with blood

Brown thick vaginal discharge with blood appears when menstruation is about to show up so there’s no need for you to panic if that happens. If the brown discharge shows up after giving birth though, then go see your doctor as soon as possible since there might be an infection developing inside of you since childbirth involves the risk of getting an infection.


Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal but if there are blood discharges or unusual changes, then get yourself checked by your doctor right away. Remember that the best person to give you a diagnosis for any health issue you have is an OB-GYNE so go see one because it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

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